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For the World of Education” page is divided into 4 sections:

        1. Introduction 
        2. The Role of the Ministries of Education
        3. The Strategic Framework of Ministries of Education
        4. Services Offered


SOCIETALogically speaking, societies are only the result of our individual, group and collective actions. So the better the citizens, the better the societies.

However, since our societies play an increasingly important role in the education of our children, we can say that the better our societies, the better our citizens.

Since the development of competences is the responsibility of the Ministries of Education, we should make sure that Ministries of Education develop programs that help us to become competent citizens.

The role of the Ministries of Education

SOCIETALogically speaking, to facilitate the development of equilibrium societies, school curricula should be adapted to ensure that by the age of 15, students have developed their personal, social and societal competences in such a way that they are competent citizens.

An Identical Strategic Framework for All Ministries of Education

So, to help us create or maintain equilibrium in our societies, all ministries of education, wherever they may be in the world, should have the same vision, mission and value statements. However, since each society’s situation is different, the strategy statement will necessarily be different.

Vision Statement

Taking into consideration that the vision of organizations is intended to depict what society will be like in 10 years, 25 years or even 50 years, the vision that the various Ministries of Education should promote is therefore this:

To live in a society where all citizens are competent citizens.

Mission Statement

If we adopt this vision, then the mission of all ministries associated with education should be:

Develop competent citizens.

Value Statement

Finally, the value statement should be based on the guidelines that guide us so that our individual, group and collective actions facilitate the:

                  1. Development and social and societal integration of citizens,
                  2. Functioning and development of governments,
                  3. Functioning and development of our societies.

Services Offered

The SOCIETALogy Institute offers individualized services for teachers, administrators developing school programs as well as conferences for students.

Teachers and Administrators

The SOCIETALogy Institute can help teachers and administrators develop programs to help students become competent citizens.

To achieve this, programs must encourage the development of personal, social and societal skills, both through traditional courses such as history, science, mathematics, etc., and through the addition of less traditional courses.

Before the age of 15, students should:

              • Know the important role they play in our societies.
              • Know  how to perform the tasks they need to perform to facilitate their development as well as their social and societal integration.
              • Know how to be a citizen in order to facilitate the development as well as the social and societal integration of his fellow citizens.

If you’re in the process of developing a citizenship program or would like to get started, and you would like to find out more about the SOCIETALogical approach, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Societally yours,
The SOCIETALogical Team