For us Citizens

For us Citizens

The Citizen services page has 3 sections

        1. Introduction
        2. The Role of Citizens
        3. List of Services Offered


SOCIETAlogically speaking, societies are organizations, and they belong to us.

Since most of us live in a local society (a town or village), a national society (our country) and an intermediate society (our province, department, state, etc.), we are all co-owners of three societies.

The Role of Citizens

Since we, citizens, are generally co-owners of three societies (local, national and intermediary), we need to find a way of agreeing on the major goals to be achieved, the major objectives to be attained, and the resources to be used, so that we can create a certain social order in each of these societies.

Unfortunately, here again we are all affected, directly or indirectly, by the scientific void. It prevents us from fully understanding our societies and the important role we play within the latter, whether local, national or intermediary.

Fortunately, we now have access to a new macromanagement science named societalogy, which enables us to better understand our role and our societies. To share this knowledge, the Societalogy Institute offers the following services.

List of Services Offered

To help us create and maintain a certain social order, the Societalogy Institute has developed three initiatives.

          1. One concept at a time
          2. Conferences on becoming competent citizens 
          3. Community of Citizen Practices

These will help us to become competent citizens and better understand the different roles we play in our local, national and intermediary societies.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you,
The SOCIETALogical team