Are We Good Citizens?

Are We Good Citizens?

SOCIETALogically speaking a good citizen is a competent citizen. To become a competent citizen, we need to develop three sets of competences:

          • Personal (towards ourselves)
          • Social (towards others)
          • Collective (towards our societies)

These competences enable us to facilitate :

          1. Our development as well as our social and societal integration,
          2. The development and social and societal integration of our fellow citizens,
          3. The functioning and development of our governments,
          4. The functioning and development of our societies.

It’s our primary role to ensure the equilibrium of our societies by acting within these guidelines. When we do, we can say that our actions are ethical.

However, it is easier to behave ethically when we are practicing our primary profession, thus our citizenship than when we’re fulfilling our secondary role.

We accomplish this second role, when we exercise certain liberal professions or when we act within a secondary organization (our societies are our primary organizations). This second role can lead us to:

          • Influence.
          • Influence and preside (being a leader).
          • Decide (under the leader’s guidance).
          • Manage (under the direction of the decision-maker).
          • Execute (as an employee or volunteer under the supervision of the manager).

As we perform our secondary role, it makes it more difficult to behave ethically towards our societies.

To help us to:

          • Become more competent citizens.
          • Better understand our:
            • Primary role.
            • Secondary roles.
            • Societies.
            • Certain psychological characteristics of human beings.
          • Become more ethical citizens as we accomplish both roles.

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Thank you,
The SOCIETALogical team