One Concept at a Time

One Concept at a Time

One of the best ways to fill the scientific void is to share the knowledge that will help us citizens better understand:

          • Our societies.
          • Our role as citizens.
          • The best practices that facilitate our development as human beings.

To this end, the Institute as already started to produce explanatory videos to clarify the one hundred concepts or so concepts that will help us become more competent citizens.

The Institute’s objective with these videos is to reach the majority of the world’s 8 billion citizens via their computers, tablets or cell phones.  Hence the videos will be translated, adapted and published in the 10 most widely used languages.

If you’re interested in this initiative, here’s how you can help combat our generalized collective ignorance.

          1. Subscribe to the Societally Yours! channel!
          2. View, like, share and comment on videos.
          3. Contribute to its financing.

The last point is very important. Explanatory Videos are excellent tools for transferring knowledge, but they take much longer to produce than a paper document.

In fact, to create a 60-second instructional video, it easily takes between 6 and 12 days. And that’s not counting the time it takes to produce illustrations. The average length of our videos is around 4 minutes.

As we consider the need for action to be urgent, we encourage you to contribute financially, as the more financial resources we have available to us, the greater our chances of success. The more financial resources we have, the faster we’ll be able to produce the hundred or so videos that we need to produce.

To continue on the question of financial support, we are currently producing the explanatory videos in French and English. That said, if you would like to sponsor the production of another language, please contact us at 1-844-568-6793.


Thank you,
The SOCIETALogical team